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The following categories of people are entitled to use the Library on enrolling themselves as members:


  1. Teachers working in PG Departments at JyotiVihar and teachers of constituent college(s) of Sambalpur University;
  2. An institution under the jurisdiction of Sambalpur University;
  3. Registered Research Scholars, JRFs, SRFs, PDFs and Project Fellows working at JyotiVihar. (Off-campus scholars may avail the library facility through their parent institutions if they are institutional members);
  4. All students of University PG Departments at JyotiVihar;
  5. The regular non-teaching employees of the University working at JyotiVihar as well as in constituent college (s);


Any other individual (including retired teachers of PG Departments of JyotiVihar) / institution / organization, pursuing or conducting scholarly investigation or research, subject to the permission of the Vice-Chancellor.



A person or organization intending to avail library facility shall apply for registration using a prescribed form. Users can download form from the library website.  


Registration Fee

All members shall pay a non-refundable registration fee of Rs.100/- at the time of enrolment.


Library Fee

Individual members falling under the categories 3 and 4 in addition to their registration fee shall pay a sum of Rs. 50/- per annum as Library Fee, which is not refundable. Institutional members (category 2) have to pay a non-refundable annual fee of Rs.1000/- per annum.


Membership Renewal

To enjoy uninterrupted library service, a member, when his/her/its membership expires, can apply for renewal by paying the requisite amount of Library Fee. However, if membership is not renewed within one year of expiry of membership, a person or institution has to enrol himself/herself/itself as a new member.

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