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Sl. No. Name of E-Journals Access Subscribed by Resource Type URL
1. IEEE ASPP Sambalpur University E-Journals https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/Xplore/home.jsp
2. Science Direct OSHEC E-Journals https://www.sciencedirect.com/
3. ProQuest Research Library (7234+ titles) Sambalpur University E-Journals https://www.proquest.com/
4. EBSCO OSHEC E-Journals https://eresources.oshec.in/ouc
5. American Institute of Physics – (eSS Collection-19 titles) eSS E-Journals https://ess.inflibnet.ac.in/journals.php?pg=collection&id=American+Institute+of+Physics
6. American Physical Society – (eSS Collection-17 titles) eSS E-Journals https://ess.inflibnet.ac.in/journals.php?pg=collection&id=American+Physical+Society
7. Annual Reviews – (eSS Collection-43 titles) eSS E-Journals https://ess.inflibnet.ac.in/journals.php?pg=collection&id=Annual+Reviews
8. Springer Link (1700 Collection + Nature Journal) eSS E-Journals https://ess.inflibnet.ac.in/journals.php?pg=collection&id=Springer+Link+1700+Collection+and+Nature+Journal
9. Taylor and Francis (eSS Collection- 1076 titles) eSS E-Journals https://ess.inflibnet.ac.in/journals.php?pg=subject&res=Taylor+and+Francis&sub=Accounting+and+Finance


Sl. No. Name of E-Databases Access Subscribed by Resource Type URL
1. CMIE- Economic Outlook Sambalpur University Full text E-Database https://economicoutlook.cmie.com
2. Indiastat Sambalpur University Full text E-Database https://indiastat.com
3. Manupatra Sambalpur University Full text E-Database https://www.manupatra.com
4. Project Muse eSS Full text E-Database https://muse.jhu.edu/
5. Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID)  eSS E-Database https://isid.org.in/library-databases/about-online-databases/
6. JGate Plus (JCCC) eSS E-Database https://jgateplus.com/search/index/
7. JSTOR eSS Full text E-Database https://www.jstor.org/  
8. Web of Science eSS E-Database https://www.webofscience.com/wos/woscc/basic-search  


Sl. No. Name of E-Databases Access Subscribed by Resource Type URL
1. Turnitin Sambalpur University Plagiarism Check Software https://www.turnitin.com/login_page.asp?lang=en_us
2. SPSS Sambalpur University IBM Statistical Analysis Software https://www.ibm.com/spss
3. ATLAS.ti Sambalpur University Qualitative Data Analysis Tool https://www.ibm.com/spss
4. KIBO Devices Sambalpur University
Reading Device for Visually Impaired Students https://www.trestlelabs.com/
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